Whitens Teeth

Glodent is powered with natural enzymes like Papain & Bromelain that are natural whitening agents. Not only will they give you a superstar smile, but these natural ingredients are immensely beneficial to your health too. Extracted from Pineapple, these natural whitening agents gently clean the teeth so that they look white and shiny. Glodent has been clinically proven to naturally improve the shades of your teeth without any harsh or abrasive bleaching agents.

Prevents Gum Disease

Glodent helps prevent gum disease with the natural power of Meswak and Neem. Why would anyone say no to a natural toothpaste that enhances aesthetics and health?

No Tooth Decay

Glodent helps prevent caries with the synergistic effect of Xylitol and Fluoride. Say goodbye to Tooth Decay by using the all natural and all powerful modern day toothpaste.


Removes Plaque

Glodent helps remove plaque and reduce stains in your teeth with the help of Proteolytic enzymes - Papain and Bromelain. Not only will these ingredients give you the smile that you've been striving to achieve, but they will be sure to enhance your confidence as well.

No Harsh Bleaching Agents

Glodent is free from harsh and abrasive bleaching agents. Now that you are aware that other toothpastes have harsh, abrasive agents, you don't need to consciously resort to them ever again

Glowing White Teeth

Glodent can be used regularly to maintain white, glowing teeth. Since Glodent has absolutely no abrasive agents, it's safe for you to use regularly, over a long period of time.

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