What are the benefits of enzyme based whitening toothpaste?
Enzyme based whitening toothpastes remove plaque and stains gently and safely without causing any...Read more
How does conventional whitening toothpaste work?
The primary stain removal ingredient in conventional whitening tooth paste is either silica...Read more
What treatment options are available to whiten teeth?
Tooth colour can be improved by a number of methods depending on the cause of discoloration....Read more
What causes tooth discoloration?
1) Extrinsic stains: Extrinsic stains are mainly caused by the daily intake of foods and beverages...Read more
What is tooth discoloration?
Tooth discoloration is a cosmetic problem that occurs when the enamel (the outer surface of the...Read more
I’m grand mom of 50 children – why we have listed it first?
Meet Mrs Sabina Solomon. In 1998 she lost her husband. Her husband’s family was managing and...Read more

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